Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun times!

We had Mandy and Emery and my good friend Kari and her kids over for dinner after church. Mandy, Kari and I got in some much needed girl talk. While we were talking and laughing... Emery and Marvin kept the kids busy. I gave them some stickers to play with. Noah got very creative with placing stickers all over Marvin. He was such a good sport. Marvin is going to be a great Daddy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He has a Tractor now.... sort of. =)

We've been looking for a good used riding lawnmower before the summer heat hits us. We have 1 acre that we have to maintain. When it's hot, it's very difficult to do with a push mower. So we went to a few yard sales and a gentlemen at one of them said that his Grandma has a mower that she doesn't use anymore. It turned out to be a John Deere 1968 gem. It is in great condition. Marvin has always wanted a tractor... this is sort of a tractor. Anyway... he loves it.