Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OB appointment 35 weeks and 3 days

I had my OB appointment this morning. I like going once a week. It makes time go so fast. I had my first internal exam. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be like a pap smear. It wasn't like a pap... I barely felt it. They did a strep B culture too. The doctor said I'm almost 1 centimeter and the cervix is softening a little, but not too much. We still have time. My Mom said she was 2 cm the last month of her pregnancy with my sister, Renee.
Doctor said I probably lost some or all of my plug, but unless there is blood there is no need to worry. He told me to make sure I count kicks once a day. Right now I feel Shepherd non-stop all day long, but he said the baby will slow down as he gets bigger and that's when I need to count. Shepherd is the perfect size. I still didn't gain any weight (down 14 pounds pre-pregnancy weight), but my tummy measures 1 cm bigger then last week. Doctor said that is perfect! I have an appointment on Monday for my last ultrasound (this makes #9). I can't wait to have one more look at Shepherd's sweet face before he makes his debut. I guess my weekly appointments will be every Tuesday now.
My Mom bought us a lovely camcorder. We will be filming parts of me in labor and the other stuff going on. We will make sure to edit it before we post it on our blog. I plan on going natural and I have no idea how I will act under that much pain. I may decide to not film when we are in the moment. But I do want to try to film some of it for posterity. =) We'll see how everything comes to pass. I really want to film Shepherd when he is first placed on my tummy after birth and Marvin cutting the cord. I know we have to remain flexible.
Next week at our birthing class we will go over natural childbirth techniques. Can't wait! =)

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Video tour of our baby room...

We wanted to make a video of the baby's room for our friends and family to see. We can't wait until Shepherd gets here! =)

Sunday, December 20, 2009

34 weeks and 1 Day

Here we are at 34 weeks and 1 day! We only have 41 days left!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthing class

We had our first birthing class Monday night. It was very interesting. I had a long list of questions to ask. I didn't ask them all, because I wanted to see if they would be answer through the course of the class. Marvin felt comfortable enough to ask some questions and make comments. It seems like it's becoming more real to him. We only have 44 days left. =) Marvin asked me later if I was scared of the pain of labor. I said, no. I am very curious about how I will handle myself.
Don't laugh at me, but I want to TRY to go natural. I will be more then willing to use an epidural if I can't handle it, but what does it hurt to TRY. The class will go over breathing techniques to help us through contractions. I really want to see and feel what labor is. Ok, now you can laugh at me. =)
We found out that we can take pictures and video of the birth. I'm still cautious about it, especially if I go natural. I can't imagine what kind of faces I will make and the things I'll say. I would really like a video of when Shepherd first comes out and is laid on my chest and when Marvin cuts the cord. That will be a very special memory. I definitely don't want any pictures from the feet up. All pictures and video will be taken from my head level. =)
Next Monday the teacher is going to show us a video of a real birth. I am so excited! Marvin said he is taking it one day at a time. He wanted to be a doctor or nurse when he was younger, so I don't think it'll gross him out too much. We'll see. =)
I guess it's all becoming more real to me too. I have been re-reading books I read in the beginning of my pregnancy about schedules and nursing. I want it all to be fresh in my mind.
I'm feeling really good. When I wake up in the morning I feel relaxed. As the day goes on, little Shepherd stretches me out. I feel achy and like I have no more room left. I'm curious to see how much more my body will stretch. I've slowed down a lot. If I go to the store with Marvin I trail behind him. I can't keep up! =) It's a beautiful part of pregnancy.
My next OB appointment is Dec. 21st. I'll get one more ultrasound the first week of January.
I am so excited! Next month I'll be a Mommy and Marvin will be a Daddy. Wow!

Friday, December 11, 2009


I just felt Shepherd have the hiccups for the first time. I had to call my Mom right away to make sure it wasn't bad. She said it sounds like hiccups. They stopped after a couple of minutes. My Mom reminded me that I had hiccups all the time when she was pregnant with me. I can't wait to hold Shepherd in my arms! We are getting so close... 50 more days to my due date. Monday we start our birthing classes. I've made a list of questions for the teacher. I'll probably think of more through the weekend. =) Woo Hoo!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

32 weeks pregnant... 56 days to go! Oh my goodness!

8 months pregnant! We are so excited to have this baby boy... next month. Can you believe it? I have been getting more and more uncomfortable in pants. My Mom said she spent a lot of her pregnancy in dresses too. I bought a few dresses and I was given a few. When I'm at home I put on a dress. It's kind of fun, because it's so feminine. I look ginormous in this photo, but I guess that's bound to happen as this little guy gets bigger. =) This week my appetite has increased. We start birthing classes at the hospital on December 14th. I can't wait to learn all about pain management and the ins and outs of labor. There is only so much you can learn on TLC. =)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

31 weeks and 3 days photos

Here is Shepherd's profile. You can see his cheeks are getting chubby. He was snuggled up to my placenta the whole time too. I guess it makes a nice pillow?

He kept his arm over his face most of the time. You can see his sweet smile. Tech said he has a lot of dark hair (just like Marvin).

Here's another look at his smile. He opened his eyes at one point, but it was only for a second and the tech could not get a picture of it. We'll have to wait until he's out to see his eyes.

Another big grin. He was smiling the whole time and he kept opening his mouth and drinking the fluid. I had breakfast one hour before so he was probably tasting the oatmeal I had eaten.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

2 year Anniversary!

Yes folks, we made it to our 2 year anniversary. It just keeps getting better and better. I love this guy of mine.
He got me a web cam for our anniversary. That way I can be connected to my family in Florida, especially during their huge Thanksgiving day and Christmas day bashes. I can't wait until he sets it up! I will probably cry on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but it will help to be able to see everyone. And I will think of Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2010. We'll be in Florida with our little baby boy, Shepherd. =)
I am so grateful for a wonderful husband. He works so hard for me and our growing family. I'm glad I waited for him.
He was reading some old emails we wrote to each other before we met. I had so many memories come back to me. It's funny how Heavenly Father has everything planned so perfectly for us. I have to remind myself of that when things aren't quite going the way I want them to. I remember how he blessed me with a marvelous husband and a healthy baby boy.
Much love to you all. I love my family and friends. I love and adore my husband, Marvin. =)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

30 weeks!

30 weeks along! I can't believe we only have 10 weeks left (70 days). Wow! Still not gaining much weight. I'm down 11 pounds from pre-pregnancy weight. I'm feeling great. Shepherd is moving and getting bigger. He loves to kick me when I'm laying down and sitting and especially in the evening. I love every poke and jab. We can hear his heartbeat with our prenatal listening device. It's very comforting.
Marvin is doing well too. I think it's really sinking in that he will be a Daddy very soon. He talks about all the fun things he wants to do with Shepherd. I can't wait to see my two guys together.
I have my next OB appointment this Wednesday. My Mom is coming up for a visit this Friday. Can't wait! =)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

7 months pregnant and Marvin's Birthday!

Here we are 7 months pregnant! I love how my baby belly keeps growing and I still haven't gained any weight. I didn't lose anymore. I'm still down 13 pounds. I should start gaining soon, because now until he is born Shepherd will fatten up.
Today is Marvin's 35th birthday too. What a special day! =)
Please excuse the clutter in the crib. We have so many wonderful things for our Shepherd (gifts from all our fabulous family and friends), but no dresser to put them in. That will be our project this week... find a good dresser. Only 84 more days left. We better get crackin'! =)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Another Ultrasound =)!

After our growth ultrasound on Monday...
My OB called me about an hour after my ultrasound. It scared the life out of me to hear her voice on the phone. She was the doctor who called me when our first baby had died. Ahhhhh! She told me that everything is great. Relief! But the radiologist saw a spot on his heart. He wasn't sure what it was. So they want me to have an fetal echo cardiogram. An ultrasound of his heart. OK... I asked what was wrong. She said, nothing is wrong. It might be a calcification. So I asked if it is what will happen to him. She said he will be born completely healthy, but might need some follow up treatment after he's born. I wasn't too worried, because I had just seen his heart pumping strong and him being super active. The doctor said it is probably nothing. He is so active it might have been an unclear picture of the heart. So I have to go to a bigger town with better equipment. So we can have the special heart ultrasound. I go for the heart ultrasound this Wednesday. Thank goodness we don't have to wait too long. I would hate it if we had to wait until next week or longer.
So we went today for the level II ultrasound. They measured everything. I thought it was just going to be his heart, but they looked at every body part. Shepherd was not cooperating. He was laying on his belly and looking towards my back. I had a turkey sandwich for lunch so maybe that wore him out. =) He would not turn over for the tech to see all the angles of his heart. Finally she got what she needed. The doctor came in right after. He is a high risk pregnancy doctor. He said Shepherd is fine. Thank goodness! He does have a small bright spot on his heart, but it's not a big deal. It happens often. They wanted me to have this more in depth ultrasound to rule out other things that might be wrong. Like down's syndrome, spina bifida, and other things I've never heard of. I asked the doctor, "So he's totally fine?" He said yes! There was nothing to worry about the spot and he saw absolutely no other signs of trouble.
THANK GOODNESS! I was worried I was going to have to be a high risk pregnancy, but he said nope! What a relief!!!
We are so happy our little man is good to go! I don't need anymore ultrasounds until the beginning of December. I'm sure Shepherd will appreciate that. I think he's tired of being poked at. =) We are so grateful for modern technology. They gave me a DVD with him rolling around inside of me. If I can figure it out, I'll post it on our blog. I'll probably need Marvin to help me.
Next Thursday is my regular OB appointment. I get to hear his heartbeat again! Wow! So cool!!! =)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ultrasound photos 27 weeks 2 days!

Looks like he's snuggling up to the placenta!

He's so cute!
I think he looks like Marvin!

I think I see dark hair line.

He's sucking on his finger!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gain weight?

I just got home from my OB appointment. Baby is grrrrrreat! I will have an ultrasound once a month from now until the baby is born... to make sure he's not getting too big (Monday is my next one). I have lost 13 pounds. The doctor told me I'm not allowed to lose anymore weight. I've never been told that before =). I told him I'm not trying to lose weight, I just don't have an appetite. I'm starting to get heartburn so I really don't want to eat. I have to gain 1 pound a week until the baby is born. I'll try! My blood sugar is below 90 in the morning and below 100 during the day. He said to eat more. My numbers can be higher during the day. I'll have to experiment.
He gave me a long lecture about getting the H1N1 vaccine. I told him I don't want to get it. I probably will have to listen to a lecture every 2 weeks, but I'm not going to budge. =) I'm not taking a chance with my son. =)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

26 weeks... 6 1/2 months!

Here we are at 26 weeks. Sorry I don't have any makeup on. I didn't think we had grown so much in just 2 weeks, but little Shepherd is getting bigger... and so am I. =) Marvin wanted to make sure you could see the mobile in the background. It was a gift from our dear friend Hera. It has cars and planes on it. He is so cute! Also, you can see the bedding set my Aunt Suzie got for us. So neat! I kind of match it. =) I have my OB appointment this Thursday. I start seeing them every 2 weeks from here on out. Pretty cool! =) 14 more weeks to go.

Monday, October 19, 2009

No flu shots for me... Sunshine instead!

I wanted to share with you all about the benefits of sunshine. I was talking with a friend of mine, who has 2 kids. I ask everyone if they are getting the flu shot or H1N1 vaccine. She said, "Don't you dare take it!" She sent me these articles about the benefits of vitamin D. I'm not sure if the supplements are safe during pregnancy I'll ask my OB, but I've chosen a safer route... Sunshine.
She told me to sit in the sunshine everyday for like 30 minutes, or until your skin gets pink. And that will be your daily dose of vitamin D. It's been chilly here lately, but as soon as I sit for a few minutes I warm up. I slowly expose my skin, making sure I'm warm enough. Not too much, I've got neighbors and I like to be modest at all times. Just as much of my legs as possible, my arms, my tummy, my face and neck. She did that during both of her pregnancies and did not get sick. I even feel better after sunbathing.
Read the articles. They are very interesting. I want to do whatever I can naturally to fight off illnesses. I don't want to turn to vaccines or drugs. I don't trust an untested vaccine the government keeps pushing.

We have to make the best decision for ourselves, but I want to be super educated. I will not get the vaccines, regular flu shot or the H1N1. But that is my choice.
Bring on the sunshine. =)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OB appointment 24 weeks 4 days

My appointment was wonderful! My doctor told me my numbers are amazing. He said they are better then a regular person who doesn't have GD or regular diabetes. Woo hoo! The baby is great too! He is now laying head down (hopefully he'll stay that way) and his heartbeat is super strong.
My doctor did recommend getting the H1N1 vaccine and the flu shot. I want to find out what the other 2 doctors think. I have taken the flu shot only once in my life and I have never gotten the flu. I feel very uncomfortable taking the "rushed" H1N1 vaccine. I don't want myself or my son to be a test subject. I've decided not to take it, but to isolate myself at the end of October until the baby is born. I'll stay home from church (there are so many kids and high schoolers that might be carrying the flu) and Marvin will have to do the grocery shopping. Marvin had the regular flu shot (he gets one every year) but I don't want him to take the H1N1 either. He hasn't decided yet.
I am a very strong person. I worked in preschool for 3 years and have had anything you can think of. I'm very good about washing my hands often and not touching my face. Whenever Marvin gets home from school or work he immediately puts his clothes in the washing machine and washed his hands and face really good... or takes a shower. It means more laundry for me, but I don't mind. =) Since we've been married (almost 2 years) Marvin has not been sick once.
We have a plan to keep ourselves healthy. I'm really not worried. The only thing that worries me is taking the H1N1 vaccine.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

6 months pregnant...

Here I am 2 days before I'm 6 months pregnant (24 weeks.) Close enough! I want to be better about taking pictures of my baby belly. So far I've lost 10 pounds. My next appointment is Wednesday the 14th, so we'll see if I've gained weight.
We took this in front of the crib. You can see the adorable quilt a lovely lady in our ward made for us (Thank you Carol).
What an adventure!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

23 weeks...

Awesome! I can't believe how fast time is going by. In 2 weeks is my baby shower... I get to see my Mom and sister, Renee, and party with all my girlfriends. I am so excited! Today Marvin and I watched General Conference on the Internet. The next General Conference in April 2010 we will have a 9 week old baby to watch it with. So bizarre! I am so grateful for all that Heavenly Father has given to me. I thank Him everyday for all the blessings He has brought into my life. I won't get sappy, I'm just on a high from listening to Conference... and it's probably hormones too. Next week I'll be 6 months along! WOW!!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kicking! Felt on the outside!

I've been feeling fluttering and movements inside of me since week 14. They were sporadic and not too strong. Lately I feel him moving inside of me more and more. This morning, after I ate breakfast, I leaned back to stretch my back a little and I felt 4 kicks on the outside. They were all in a row, I think he was repositioning himself. I wish Marvin was here so he could finally feel what I've been feeling. I know this is just the beginning and Shepherd will soon be kicking and shoving me all the time. I hope it remains this cute. =) It's all about your perspective... think positive. =) Woo Hoo!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

22 weeks! Wow!

I can't believe we only have 4 1/2 more months left. My friend Kaytee said, "it goes really fast from here." She wasn't kidding. Now that we know we are having a boy, we registered for baby things. I want to buy everything myself, but Renee keeps telling me to wait until I have my shower. Everything is so cute, it's hard to resist. I will be strong! =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a boy! Sonogram Photos...

It's a boy... You can see his boy parts (arrow is pointing at it) and his leg is folded up next to it. We didn't think we would get any shots of him, but right before we finished he showed us his stuff. =)

This is a 4-D shot she did to help see the face details better. It was clearer on the live screen, but you can see his face looking at us. He's on the right side. I like the other pictures better. This was hard for me to see.
Here is his little face. His forehead is on the left and his chin is on the right. You can see the shape of his nose and eyes. His right arm is tucked up under his face. So cute!

Another face shot... I think. I'm no expert. His head is on the left and his tummy on the right.

He is a very active little boy. Everyday I feel him more and more. I can't wait to see him in January! =)

Need name suggestions...

I've been thinking about the name... Shepherd Lee Henry. My Dad's Mom thought it was a little strange. It might be a little too much. Renee helped me remember what a pain it was to spell our last name and how much it does sound like a dogs name or a confederate soldier's name. So we are now considering different names. We are taking any and all suggestions... I would love to get some ideas from you all. Email me or leave it in the comment section. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

We are so excited to welcome our son on January 30th, 2010. We had our ultrasound this morning and the tech showed us about 4 different angles of the "boy parts" so she was very sure. The baby is doing really well and the tech and I felt a few nice hard kicks.
Marvin is excited. He didn't want to get his hopes up before, but now he's daydreaming of all the things he can do with his son. Working on cars, fishing, going to the auto parts store, helping him prepare for his mission. We would have loved a girl (especially me) but we are so happy our son is healthy and very... very active. We have four pictures from the ultrasound. I'll post them later.
His name will be Shepherd Lee Henry. Renee doesn't like it. But that's ok, we know not everyone will like our choice. "Shepherd" is my maiden name, a tribute to my Dad, and "Lee" is after the many relatives on both sides with the middle name Lee (including me and Marvin).
I better go. I can register for boy things now at Target and Baby's r us. =) Woo Hoo!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

20 weeks and 5 days... OB appointment.

I went to the OB this morning. Baby is doing great (so am I)! My blood sugar is excellent. They can't get over how well I'm doing. I asked about the baby's weight, and Dr. said it's perfect! I worry that it might get too big because of GD, but as long as my sugar levels stay they way they are... there should be no problems. I lost another pound (9 pounds down from where I started). I thought I had gained at least 5 pounds, but it's just the baby pushing my tummy out. My bellybutton is getting closer to the edge. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday at 8am. Hopefully they can get the measurements they couldn't get the last time... and confirmation that it's for sure a boy. If not it'll be great to see the baby moving around again. Can't wait until Tuesday! =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

After our sealing! Suprise baby shower and Temple photos!

My parents and sister, Renee, threw us a lovely surprise shower after our sealing. We had no clue! It was so nice to see everyone!!!! =)

My Eternal Companion!

Abe and Jeff were special helpers that day. Marvin looks sleepy... Wake up!

Kari came down from Georgia to be there for our sealing.

Abe, Jenny (she came up from Bradenton, FL), Marvin, Me, Annie, and Justin.

I really didn't want to take too many pictures because I felt so blah, but Justin and Annie really encouraged me to take them. They even scouted locations. I'm so grateful they did! I had another really good friend (Dyanne) tell me to take tons of pictures.... not matter how bad you think you look. These are precious memories of our first full term pregnancy. I love you guys!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

20 weeks... Woo Hoo!

The baby's little hand.
Not sure what this is. The Tech didn't label it. =)

The baby's foot.

Profile of the baby. Head's on the right.

20 weeks today! Had our ultrasound yesterday. My Mom started crying the second she saw her first grandbaby. Baby is super cute and very active (I was so excited to see him moving and grooving. I guess I have been feeling the baby all this time)... we still don't know what it is. He wouldn't stay still long enough for the tech to see. She did say it looks like a boy (and she had another tech come in and give her opinion), but she couldn't say 100%. I have a OB appointment on Thursday. I'll find out if I can have another ultrasound soon. So maybe we will be welcoming our first son? Stay tuned! =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gestational Diabetes...

I guess it's time to come clean. I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I had to take my 1 hour glucose test early, because I have PCOS. I failed it by 1 point. Argh! So I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. I failed it by 1 point. Double Argh! I'm glad they tested me early. If they would have waited until 28 weeks I might have already had a 8 pound baby. I have been testing my blood 4 times a day for about 5 weeks. It's been going really, really well. My numbers are perfect. The nurse said I might have been misdiagnosed, but we'd rather play it safe.
Every doctor visit I bring in my chart and food diary. The doctor is very impressed with how well I've been doing. It's really helped me watch what I'm eating and keep my weight gain under control. So far I have lost 8 pounds, we'll see if anything has changed at my next appointment on the 17th. I don't want a 12 pound baby, so I will do whatever it takes to stay healthy. I also want it to go away after the baby is born, which it should.
How did it happen? The nurse explained it to me, but I found a good definition on webmd...
"Gestational diabetes is the result of some changes that occur in all women during pregnancy. Increased levels of certain hormones (including cortisol, estrogen, and human placental lactogen) interfere with the ability of insulin to manage blood sugar. This condition is called "insulin resistance." Usually your pancreas (the organ that produces insulin) is able to compensate for this insulin resistance by increasing insulin production (to about three times the normal amount). If your pancreas cannot sufficiently increase insulin production to overcome the effect of the increased hormones, your blood sugar levels will rise — that means you have gestational diabetes."
I'm not depressed or bummed. I like a challenge. I like impressing the doctor with my excellent numbers. I like keeping track of everything that I'm eating. So far everything is going perfectly. I really don't want to have to take insulin shots (it's hard enough pricking my finger 4xs a day) and I don't want to have to take medicine. I have faith that I can continue to keep this under control with diet and exercise. I can still have a sweet treat once in a while, I just have to eat things balanced and in moderation (which is what we all should be doing). I didn't tell many people until now, because I was a little embarrassed to find out so early. But like I said before I'm glad they found out early, I don't want a 12 pound baby. =) If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me. I have learned a lot! If any of you have had to deal with this or know someone that has... I'd love to share.
Tomorrow is the big day! We will find out what we're having!!!!! =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

19 weeks and 2 days!

Marvin and I spent a wonderful weekend in Florida. We went to the Temple and were sealed as husband and wife for time and all eternity. What a great blessing to receive before the baby is born. We had several good friends there to celebrate with us... Abe, Jeff, Kari, JoAnn, Bishop Jackson and his wife, Jenny, Annie, and Justin. It was awesome!
After the sealing I went maternity clothes shopping with my sister Renee and my good friend Kari (who came all the way from Georgia to be there for us). We were supposed to meet my parents at a restaurant for lunch. Marvin had invited those that came to our sealing too. Anyway... we walk in the restaurant and I heard a bunch of people yell "SURPRISE!" I realized that my Mom and sister had planned a surprise baby shower for me and Marvin. I looked at my sister and Kari and my eyes welled up with tears. I was so shocked! I really had no clue. Marvin came a little bit after that and our friends and family got to yell surprise again. A lot of my Florida friends and family were there. It was so nice to be able to party with them, since they won't be able to come up here for my Georgia baby shower. What a wonderful day!
I'm feeling good. We just got home from Florida. My left foot is swollen from the drive and from doing a lot this weekend. But it was all worth it. My Mom and Dad are driving up on Friday. They are making a special trip to be here for the big sonogram. Of course we will tell the world how it goes.
It feels great to know I will be with Marvin and our children forever! =)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

18 weeks!

We are all doing fine. Baby is growing. Marvin is working and going to school. I'm taking care of him and the house.
Since Tuesday I've not been feeling well. I had a tiny fever, sneezing, stuffy/runny nose. I'm pretty sure it's my allergies. Here it is, Saturday, and I'm still sneezy and stuffy (no more fever). A lady at church told me she was congested her whole pregnancy. I finally broke down and took some sudafed last night ( I was determined to not take medication). I had a hard time sleeping. Marvin had me get up and take a hot shower to loosen everything up. It did! Not totally, but enough for me to go back to sleep for a few hours. He's been waiting on me all morning. He's so sweet! Hopefully I can get another foot rub! =)
We leave on Friday to go to Florida to be sealed. I'm so excited. My good friend Kari is coming down too. I'm looking forward to spending time with my family. I miss them like crazy!
Two more weeks until we know what we're having!!!! I can't wait!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

17 weeks! Woo Hoo!

Time is really passing quickly. Yikes! I'm feeling great. I still don't have much of an appetite and I'm tired out easily. Thankfully I don't have to work so I can rest whenever I need to. =) 3 more weeks and we find out what we are having. We have already decided on a girl's name, but we are having the hardest time figuring out a boy's name we agree on. Probably because I'm so certain it's a girl I won't even consider a boy's name... We'll see! =)
Renee, my sister, wants me to have a baby shower in October. I thought that was too early (6 months), but she said it would be hard for her to come up in Nov. or Dec. to have it then. So October it is!
We are getting ready to go to Florida Labor day weekend to be sealed in the Temple. what a neat thing to have that taken care of before the baby is born. =) Marvin wants to take pictures to mark the event. Yuck! I don't feel very pretty, just pregnant. But I told him we'll take a few... then come back after the baby is born and take more.
Marvin had his first week of classes. He said they are kind of boring. He's been working in the computer programming field for a while now. So, they are teaching him things he already knows. Oh well! He's got to do it to get his degree.
That's it for this week!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

We are getting sealed!

September 5th, 2009 at 9:00 am, we are going to be sealed in the Orlando Florida Temple! Woo hoo! I will be with my sweet Marvin for time and all eternity. What a great blessing! I hope our friends and family can come too. We know it's on a holiday weekend and it's early in the morning... so we understand if no one can come. As long as Marvin and I are there... we're good! Can't wait!
Went to the doctor today too. Baby's great! Heartbeat is strong. 3 more weeks to find out if we need pink clothes or blue ones. =)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

4 months! 16 weeks!

Baby is definitely growing everyday. I can feel things in my uterus... stretching and fluttering. I'm pretty sure it's the baby moving. I'll know for sure in a couple of weeks when that's all I'll feel. =) I'm feeling those flutters right now as I'm writing this. Hmmm? Very cool!
Marvin is doing great. He starts school this week. He and I went out yesterday most of the day to find a used minivan. He really wanted to get one. We searched on "craigslist" and found several we wanted to look at. Marvin did not want to buy a new one or a used one from a car lot. He felt very comfortable getting it through "craigslist." We ended up getting the 2nd one we looked at. We only looked at 3, because I felt so strongly about the second one. After the 3rd one I didn't want to look anymore.
The guy that sold us the minivan was a very nice man. I felt like I could trust him. We got a 2002 Ford Windstar for $1940. It has 150K miles on it, but for the price that we paid we wouldn't mind if we had to put a little work in on it. The man kept it in very good condition. And before we left he gave us a little photo album for baby pictures. He works for the company that makes them. So sweet! We feel good about it.
Saturday evening we went to a ward pool party. I helped take care of 2 kids (their single Mom had to work). They wore me out! This morning when we got up to get ready for church I decided to stay home. I could barely keep my eyes open when I was ironing Marvin's shirt. After Marvin left I went back to bed and slept off and on until he came home. I'm feeling better now.
I have a doctors appointment on Thursday. Can't wait to hear the little ones heartbeat again!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

15 weeks!

I can't believe we made it this far. Next week I'll be 4 months pregnant. Wow! I'm feeling a lot better. I still have nausea, but it is so much better. I'm still pretty tired and I have to take a nap everyday (or I'm cranky). Marvin took me out on a date last night and the hostess that seated us was pregnant. I told Marvin how grateful I am that I don't have to work while I'm pregnant. I know I could do it if I had too, but I'm glad I don't.
We're looking forward to my parents coming for a visit on September 11th. They are going with us to our ultrasound appointment when we find out what we are having. What a special memory!
Marvin finished his summer semester with all As! He worked so hard for them. Next week he starts his fall semester. He's taking 3 classes, 2 online and 1 not. =)
That's it for this week.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

2nd Trimester! 14 weeks!!! =)

We've officially made it to the 2nd trimester! Woo Hoo!
Not much has changed. Still tired and nauseous. The nausea is getting better, but I still have to take a nap at around 2 or 3 everyday. Whenever I miss it I get kind of cranky. =) My next appointment is August 20th. We already made the sonogram appointment to find out what we are having. That will be on September 11th (I'll be 19 weeks and 6 days). My parents and maybe my sister Renee are driving up to be there for that wonderful announcement. It'll be so nice to have everyone in the sonogram room to see the baby and find out what the sex is. One step at a time. Of course we are going to tell everyone what we're having. We are so excited! =)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Worried about the Swine flu.

We have 2 people in our church that have the swine flu. Yikes! The swine flu is especially dangerous to pregnant women. So... I think I'll be missing church until they are clear of the flu. My Mom really is worried about me. She thinks it's best for me to stay away from group activities and crowded places.
Basically... she wants me to stay in a bubble. =) I don't mind. I will do anything for this baby! Now when people come to our house they have to leave their shoes outside and wash their hands. The more dangerous part is that my 3rd trimester will be in the heart of Flu season... yikes! I'm not worried or freaking out or losing sleep over this. I am just taking precautions to keep my baby safe. Marvin is being great about all this. Is anyone else concerned?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

13 Weeks!

What a great feeling! Everyday that goes by the more relaxed I become. I'm still feeling the nausea, but I can tell it's getting better. The fatigue is still kicking my butt. If I don't take a nap in the middle of the day I get cranky very easily. Poor Marvin! He's a champ though, he knows it's those pregnancy hormones. I really am blessed with an amazing husband!
Last night Marvin, his brothers, and their Dad went camping. So me, the wives, and our good friend Kari got together here at our house and had a sleepover. We watched a chick flick and talked until 2:30am! That's going to mess up my nap schedule =). It was great to spend time with my sisters and for the boys to have some time together.
Not much going on this week. Marvin has his summer finals and a couple weeks of a break before the fall term begins. He works so hard and never complains! I love this guy of mine!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

12 weeks and 5 days! I heard the heartbeat!

I just got back from the OB. I heard the heartbeat! I was so nervous. I guess it's all psychological. I associate the OB's office with my miscarriage in February. I get so nervous and tense that my blood pressure goes up (it's usually around 100/70.) The doctor put the doppler on my tummy and right away we could hear the heartbeat! Woo Hoo! I feel so much more relaxed now. He didn't tell me the rate of the heartbeat. He was using a doppler that didn't have the numbers on it. Mental note... make sure they have one with numbers next time. He said it sounded very good and very strong. Good enough for me. =) Next appointment is August 20th. Can't wait! =)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

12 weeks today!

We'll so far we've made it to 12 weeks. We are very excited. Next Saturday we will officially be in the 2nd trimester. I hope the next 6 months fly by. I can't wait to be a Mommy!
I'm still tired and nauseous. It is better, but if any food is very fragrant I make a face. The nausea is much more manageable then it was before. I hope as the next weeks go by that the fatigue and nausea will slowly disappear. Like I always say... it's totally worth it!
Marvin got me a prenatal baby heart monitor for my birthday. It says you can start hearing your baby move and hear the heartbeat at 21 weeks. Of course we opened it up and tried it right away. We heard some noises, but we weren't sure what they were. I'll pay attention at my next appointment so I will know what the heartbeat sounds like.
My next appointment is this Thursday. We will be able to hear the heartbeat! =)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

10 weeks and 4 days today!

I'm feeling pretty good. Still nauseous all day, but it varies from mild- severe. I'm still super tired too. I feel my uterus getting bigger. I have my next appointment on the 23rd. They will listen to the heartbeat and measure my tummy. I can't wait to hear that heartbeat again! I hope my all day sickness will slowly disappear as I move into the 2nd trimester. I miss cooking and having energy. =) But it's all worth it for a healthy baby! =)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

9 weeks today! Transformers 2?

3 more weeks and I'll be in my second trimester. I can relax a little bit more. Hopefully I'll get my energy back and be able to eat without gagging. I've had a few moments the last few days were I've felt semi-normal. I hope that's my body getting used to the hormones and preparation for 2nd trimester. We'll see!
In other news... Marvin and I went to see Transformers 2 with his brothers and another couple. We were all looking forward to it. We were all very impressed with the amazing special effects.... Unfortunately we were all turned off to the vulgar humor and smutty language. What a shame! It is definetly not a family movie. We will not be adding it to our DVD collection. I should have researched this movie before seeing it. I use a website called plugged in. They give an overview on, positive elements, spiritual elements, sexual content, and profanity. If you haven't seen Transformers 2 yet, please research it before you make a decision to go or not. Here's a link to the site I use... http://www.pluggedinonline.com/movies/movies/a0004696.cfm

Thursday, June 25, 2009

January 30th, 2010!!!!!

I just got home from my 1st OB visit. He put my official due date at January 30th, 2010 (you got your wish Alana). I'm so excited!
I told him that my eyesight has been getting kind of blurry when I read subtitles on the TV. He said it's only going to get worse. =) He told me to get a new prescription 6 months after the baby is born.
I asked him if I needed another ultrasound. He said everything looks really good. I won't need one for now.
I go back on July 23rd. I'll be 12 weeks then. He said we should be able to hear the heartbeat then, but don't freak out if we don't. He'll get an ultrasound if we don't hear it. But he's pretty sure we'll hear it.
They took a bunch of blood for the regular blood tests and that was it.
I'm still super sick and tired. Everything is still looking really good.

Monday, June 22, 2009

5 minutes at a time....

I am taking it 5 minutes at a time. I find it very hard to get things done lately. I'm so sick all day long and SOOOOOO tired. I have huge dark circles under my eyes, they look like black eyes. Yuck! But it is all worth it!
I haven't had the desire or the stomach to cook anything. Before the all day sickness I would cook a nice fresh healthy meal 4 times a week. Now... maybe once. I went to the store today and bought a lot of frozen meals. I wanted to make sure I had something to give Marvin when I'm having a tough time.
I try to eat at least one huge salad everyday. With like 5 serving of veggies... huge! It totally turns my stomach, but I eat it for my health and the baby's. I wash all the veggies when I first get them, that way all I have to do is quickly throw everything in a bowl and eat it before I can gag.
I sleep like 10 hours a night. A lot of nights I've been tossing and turning, so it's not a sound sleep. Marvin said I've recently started to talk in my sleep. It might have to do with the extremely strange things I've been dreaming about. My dreams are so bizarre. They aren't scary or related to babies in any way... just very peculiar. I should try to write them down when I first wake up. I always forget. I'll try tomorrow morning.
I'm so grateful Marvin works so hard so I can stay home. I know I would be fine if I had to work while I was pregnant, but I'm glad I can rest. Many women have told me, rest all you can, because the next pregnancy you won't be able to rest at all.
My Mom gave me great advice. She told me to take situations 5 minutes at a time. Like unloading the dishwasher or getting some laundry done. It works.
Speaking of laundry, I better get the whites out of the dryer. 5 minutes....... I can do it! =)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We are pregnant again! =)

We are pregnant again! This is an ultrasound we had 2 weeks ago (when I was 5w 6d). You can see the baby on the right side of the gestational sac. I saw and heard the heartbeat. It was amazing! We feel better about this pregnancy... mostly because I have been so sick! Much more sick then the last one. My hcg levels are super high and we've already heard the heartbeat. We are being very positive, but still cautious. So far so good. We will keep our blog updated on my progress. We have a feeling this one is going to stick around, and we still are praying very diligently that the Lord's will be done. =) We are due January 31st, 2010, unless they change the due date. I'll be 8 weeks on Saturday. I'll be a little more relaxed in 4 weeks. Here's to a Healthy and Happy pregnancy! 7 more months to go! =)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Fun times!

We had Mandy and Emery and my good friend Kari and her kids over for dinner after church. Mandy, Kari and I got in some much needed girl talk. While we were talking and laughing... Emery and Marvin kept the kids busy. I gave them some stickers to play with. Noah got very creative with placing stickers all over Marvin. He was such a good sport. Marvin is going to be a great Daddy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

He has a Tractor now.... sort of. =)

We've been looking for a good used riding lawnmower before the summer heat hits us. We have 1 acre that we have to maintain. When it's hot, it's very difficult to do with a push mower. So we went to a few yard sales and a gentlemen at one of them said that his Grandma has a mower that she doesn't use anymore. It turned out to be a John Deere 1968 gem. It is in great condition. Marvin has always wanted a tractor... this is sort of a tractor. Anyway... he loves it.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Doing good!

We have been doing much better this week. On Sunday, we actually made it into church! In fact, we were asked to give the opening and closing prayer. What a great way to come back after 3 weeks! I was so happy at the end of the 3 hour block. We even stayed for choir practice. WOW! It's like after that hurdle things are getting easier. I still have my emotional roller coaster ride. But it's getting easier to handle. I am planning on getting back to my volunteering this week too. =)

On Monday I went for my follow-up exam. It went well. The doctor said everything look great! I have to wait 3 cycles and then we can start trying again. I asked her if I should take clomid on that 3rd cycle. She said that would be great. I got pregnant right away on my first try in November. My sister-in-law Mandy suggested I try that first month on my own.... Hmmmm? I've been thinking about that. But we have around 3 months to decide. We will definitely pray and fast about it.

So, I've been slowly getting back to a normal routine. I'm fulfilling my calling in church. I'm enjoying my duties as a domestic goddess. I've been trying a lot of new recipes. I even got out the sewing machine and made some curtains out of some spare material I had in the basement. Also, I've been making homemade bread for 3 weeks. It's so great to make fresh healthy bread and to save money! =) I've gotten back into exercising too. I want to take full advantage of our 3 month wait to get in better shape for our next pregnancy.

Marvin's doing great. He's working super hard with his school work, his full-time job, and his church calling (EQ Secretary).

That's all for now! We love you all! =)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The healing begins...

I had my D&E on Monday at 12:30pm. It went very well and I woke up soon after it was done. My Mom was with me at the hospital. When we got home I laid down and rested. I was pretty alert so I was awake for a while. The doctor did a great job... I didn't feel much pain. Same thing on Tuesday... not much pain at all. Then on Wednesday... WOW... it hurt bad! It felt like really, really bad cramps. I have been taking my pain meds. but they aren't taking all the pain away. So far today it's better then yesterday. 
I'm taking it one day at a time! Now... I can begin to heal. My Mom is probably going to leave tomorrow or Saturday. I'll miss her like crazy! I know I'll be fine... I'll put my trust in the Lord. I'll write more in a few days. I'm still not totally with it. We love you all and look forward to getting back into the swing of things. Thank you again for all your prayers. =)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I went to the OB today to sign papers for my procedure. I will be having my D&E on Monday morning. It is possible between now and then I might miscarry on my own. Hopefully, I can hold off to have it done on Monday by the doctor. After 2 weeks I'll see her again to see how I've healed, then we have to wait 3 months to start trying again. I'll do whatever the doctor says!
Marvin has been AMAZING through this. I've been having a hard time being alone, which is understandable, and he's been there for me whenever I needed him (thankfully he's been working from home). Mandy, my sister-in-law, has been there for me too. Offering advice, comforting me, getting me to laugh. I haven't wanted to talk to anyone yet. It's still hard to talk about. I know after I have the procedure done and healed for a few days... I'll feel like talking.
We are so grateful for all the love and support from our friends and family. We have felt the power of your prayers! Sorry I haven't returned calls or emails... I just need a little more time. Know that I have received them and I am so grateful for your friendship and love!
We hope that you will think of us on Monday when I have my procedure done. I will put another update on our blog a few days after the procedure. I know it will go well. I have a wonderful doctor!
My loving Mommy is driving up here this Friday and staying all week to help me recover. It's times like these you realize how close your family is and how wonderful your friends are. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all that you do for us! In a few weeks I'll be back to my old self again. I hope that's a good thing! =)

Monday, February 2, 2009


I'm heading for a miscarriage. I knew something was wrong when my OB called me personally. She said it doesn't look good and that I'm probably going to miscarry. She said I was probably 10 weeks along, but the baby stopped growing at 4 1/2 weeks. So, she wants to wait a week to see if I can pass it naturally and then if it doesn't she will do a D&E (get it out herself).
I'm sad and so embarrassed, but she said we are not defeated! We know that I can get pregnant! I'm just focusing on the positives.
If you call me I can't promise that I will answer. I need a few days to go through this. Marvin is wonderful! So supportive and loving! I know everything will be fine... I just need some time to grieve and to miscarry. I will keep the blog updated on my progress.

Monday, January 26, 2009

2nd ultrasound...

I had a second ultrasound today. My OB wanted to do it again, since I was much earlier then they thought last week. Baby is still growing, but we couldn't see the heartbeat yet (still too early). So I have to go for another one next Monday. The tech told me I have a tilted uterus, so it makes it more difficult to see everything. I love being difficult, just ask my family =).
I didn't get a picture because it basically looked the same as the last one, just a little bigger.
For now... my due date is still September 24th, but it could change very soon =). I'll keep you all up-to-date!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Girl and Little Boy...

Little Boy, he was cold.

Little Boy

Little Girl, snuggling up on our bed.

Little Boy and Little Girl =) This is where they sleep. Right next to our bed. What a life!

These are the 2 dogs we are taking care of right now, Little Boy and Little Girl. Kyra went back to her family before Christmas. Of course, I cried my eyes out.
When we got back from spending Christmas in Florida we took in Marvin's brother, Daniel, and his wife's (Leah) dogs. They are brother and sister (the dogs... not Daniel and Leah =)) from the same litter and hard to tell apart. Very quickly they have won a place in our hearts, as you can see from the pictures.
They will stay with us until Daniel and Leah move into a house that allows dogs. We'll love and spoil them every second they are here.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Our date was off... Oops! =)

We found out today that I am 4 weeks and 4 days along. Oops! =) This is our first ultrasound. It's a very normal 4 week 4 day old baby.

We figured that my periods have been longer and ovulation has been happening at weird times, because of the PCOS and being on Clomid. So we must have become pregnant right before my next period was going to happen. That was 4 weeks and 4 days ago.

Hmmmm... I feel kind of dumb letting the cat out of the bag so soon. I didn't want to tell everyone until we were 2 months along. Oh well! We can't turn the clock back...

The baby's new due date is September 24th, 2009.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Ah... pregnancy =)

Tomorrow, I will hit the 2 month mark in this pregnancy. So far things are going great. The symptoms I feel aren't too severe (sorry Sarah Serene =)).
Aches and Pains
All of that is kept in control because of a healthy diet, exercise everyday (except Sunday), and lots of water. On the days I don't do all of these things... I feel worse. So I'm going to try and keep it up the whole pregnancy. =)
By the way, I'm due August 29th. Unless they change the date at my first ultrasound. I'll keep you posted!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

We are PREGNANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It finally happened. We found out 2 weeks ago on a whim. We got home from Christmas in Florida. I had felt really weird the week of Christmas... not wanting too eat, nauseous, very... VERY tired. So, I decided to take a pregnancy test and right after I performed the test it said... PREGNANT!
I told my sister Renee first, because I didn't know what to do. I couldn't believe it. She told me to call Marvin and tell him.
We didn't want to tell anyone. Renee encouraged me to tell the immediate family. So we did and swore them to secrecy. Everyone was super excited! We told them we wanted to wait until I had my first appointment before we told anyone else. I had my first appointment today.
Now you all know! I will keep our blog posted with more info. I have my first ultrasound on Monday. They wanted to do it early since I was on clomid. There is a very slight chance of multiples... very slight. We'll see... =)