Tuesday, December 29, 2009

OB appointment 35 weeks and 3 days

I had my OB appointment this morning. I like going once a week. It makes time go so fast. I had my first internal exam. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be like a pap smear. It wasn't like a pap... I barely felt it. They did a strep B culture too. The doctor said I'm almost 1 centimeter and the cervix is softening a little, but not too much. We still have time. My Mom said she was 2 cm the last month of her pregnancy with my sister, Renee.
Doctor said I probably lost some or all of my plug, but unless there is blood there is no need to worry. He told me to make sure I count kicks once a day. Right now I feel Shepherd non-stop all day long, but he said the baby will slow down as he gets bigger and that's when I need to count. Shepherd is the perfect size. I still didn't gain any weight (down 14 pounds pre-pregnancy weight), but my tummy measures 1 cm bigger then last week. Doctor said that is perfect! I have an appointment on Monday for my last ultrasound (this makes #9). I can't wait to have one more look at Shepherd's sweet face before he makes his debut. I guess my weekly appointments will be every Tuesday now.
My Mom bought us a lovely camcorder. We will be filming parts of me in labor and the other stuff going on. We will make sure to edit it before we post it on our blog. I plan on going natural and I have no idea how I will act under that much pain. I may decide to not film when we are in the moment. But I do want to try to film some of it for posterity. =) We'll see how everything comes to pass. I really want to film Shepherd when he is first placed on my tummy after birth and Marvin cutting the cord. I know we have to remain flexible.
Next week at our birthing class we will go over natural childbirth techniques. Can't wait! =)

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hjsmith said...

Hey girl everything sounds like it is going great and moving along. Before you know it you will be carrying Shepherd in your arms and giving him hugs and kisses(:
I would love to know what special diet they have you on cause of the pregnancy diabetes. I know my mind just forgot what it is called but I know what it is(: I hope you are all doing great and have a happy healthy New Years(: