Thursday, December 17, 2009

Birthing class

We had our first birthing class Monday night. It was very interesting. I had a long list of questions to ask. I didn't ask them all, because I wanted to see if they would be answer through the course of the class. Marvin felt comfortable enough to ask some questions and make comments. It seems like it's becoming more real to him. We only have 44 days left. =) Marvin asked me later if I was scared of the pain of labor. I said, no. I am very curious about how I will handle myself.
Don't laugh at me, but I want to TRY to go natural. I will be more then willing to use an epidural if I can't handle it, but what does it hurt to TRY. The class will go over breathing techniques to help us through contractions. I really want to see and feel what labor is. Ok, now you can laugh at me. =)
We found out that we can take pictures and video of the birth. I'm still cautious about it, especially if I go natural. I can't imagine what kind of faces I will make and the things I'll say. I would really like a video of when Shepherd first comes out and is laid on my chest and when Marvin cuts the cord. That will be a very special memory. I definitely don't want any pictures from the feet up. All pictures and video will be taken from my head level. =)
Next Monday the teacher is going to show us a video of a real birth. I am so excited! Marvin said he is taking it one day at a time. He wanted to be a doctor or nurse when he was younger, so I don't think it'll gross him out too much. We'll see. =)
I guess it's all becoming more real to me too. I have been re-reading books I read in the beginning of my pregnancy about schedules and nursing. I want it all to be fresh in my mind.
I'm feeling really good. When I wake up in the morning I feel relaxed. As the day goes on, little Shepherd stretches me out. I feel achy and like I have no more room left. I'm curious to see how much more my body will stretch. I've slowed down a lot. If I go to the store with Marvin I trail behind him. I can't keep up! =) It's a beautiful part of pregnancy.
My next OB appointment is Dec. 21st. I'll get one more ultrasound the first week of January.
I am so excited! Next month I'll be a Mommy and Marvin will be a Daddy. Wow!

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