Saturday, August 1, 2009

2nd Trimester! 14 weeks!!! =)

We've officially made it to the 2nd trimester! Woo Hoo!
Not much has changed. Still tired and nauseous. The nausea is getting better, but I still have to take a nap at around 2 or 3 everyday. Whenever I miss it I get kind of cranky. =) My next appointment is August 20th. We already made the sonogram appointment to find out what we are having. That will be on September 11th (I'll be 19 weeks and 6 days). My parents and maybe my sister Renee are driving up to be there for that wonderful announcement. It'll be so nice to have everyone in the sonogram room to see the baby and find out what the sex is. One step at a time. Of course we are going to tell everyone what we're having. We are so excited! =)

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