Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Worried about the Swine flu.

We have 2 people in our church that have the swine flu. Yikes! The swine flu is especially dangerous to pregnant women. So... I think I'll be missing church until they are clear of the flu. My Mom really is worried about me. She thinks it's best for me to stay away from group activities and crowded places.
Basically... she wants me to stay in a bubble. =) I don't mind. I will do anything for this baby! Now when people come to our house they have to leave their shoes outside and wash their hands. The more dangerous part is that my 3rd trimester will be in the heart of Flu season... yikes! I'm not worried or freaking out or losing sleep over this. I am just taking precautions to keep my baby safe. Marvin is being great about all this. Is anyone else concerned?


Alana said...

My boss is an infectious disease doctor... I will not worry until she does... she is concerned.

Tim, Rachel & Lacey said...

I'm not too concerned, but then again, no one in our ward have swine flu... that's crazy! I did hear about how it's worst for preggos, but we can't do much more than wash hands and all the normal precautionary stuff. And when I was pregnant with Lacey, my doctor had me get a flu shot. I say do whatever you feel you should do for the health of your little one... which by the way, makes you a great mom already!!!