Saturday, January 24, 2009

Little Girl and Little Boy...

Little Boy, he was cold.

Little Boy

Little Girl, snuggling up on our bed.

Little Boy and Little Girl =) This is where they sleep. Right next to our bed. What a life!

These are the 2 dogs we are taking care of right now, Little Boy and Little Girl. Kyra went back to her family before Christmas. Of course, I cried my eyes out.
When we got back from spending Christmas in Florida we took in Marvin's brother, Daniel, and his wife's (Leah) dogs. They are brother and sister (the dogs... not Daniel and Leah =)) from the same litter and hard to tell apart. Very quickly they have won a place in our hearts, as you can see from the pictures.
They will stay with us until Daniel and Leah move into a house that allows dogs. We'll love and spoil them every second they are here.


Alana said...

I want a dog.

Renee said...

Umm you did wash the pillow cases before sleeping on them that night? :) Very cute puppies!