Thursday, October 15, 2009

OB appointment 24 weeks 4 days

My appointment was wonderful! My doctor told me my numbers are amazing. He said they are better then a regular person who doesn't have GD or regular diabetes. Woo hoo! The baby is great too! He is now laying head down (hopefully he'll stay that way) and his heartbeat is super strong.
My doctor did recommend getting the H1N1 vaccine and the flu shot. I want to find out what the other 2 doctors think. I have taken the flu shot only once in my life and I have never gotten the flu. I feel very uncomfortable taking the "rushed" H1N1 vaccine. I don't want myself or my son to be a test subject. I've decided not to take it, but to isolate myself at the end of October until the baby is born. I'll stay home from church (there are so many kids and high schoolers that might be carrying the flu) and Marvin will have to do the grocery shopping. Marvin had the regular flu shot (he gets one every year) but I don't want him to take the H1N1 either. He hasn't decided yet.
I am a very strong person. I worked in preschool for 3 years and have had anything you can think of. I'm very good about washing my hands often and not touching my face. Whenever Marvin gets home from school or work he immediately puts his clothes in the washing machine and washed his hands and face really good... or takes a shower. It means more laundry for me, but I don't mind. =) Since we've been married (almost 2 years) Marvin has not been sick once.
We have a plan to keep ourselves healthy. I'm really not worried. The only thing that worries me is taking the H1N1 vaccine.

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