Thursday, June 25, 2009

January 30th, 2010!!!!!

I just got home from my 1st OB visit. He put my official due date at January 30th, 2010 (you got your wish Alana). I'm so excited!
I told him that my eyesight has been getting kind of blurry when I read subtitles on the TV. He said it's only going to get worse. =) He told me to get a new prescription 6 months after the baby is born.
I asked him if I needed another ultrasound. He said everything looks really good. I won't need one for now.
I go back on July 23rd. I'll be 12 weeks then. He said we should be able to hear the heartbeat then, but don't freak out if we don't. He'll get an ultrasound if we don't hear it. But he's pretty sure we'll hear it.
They took a bunch of blood for the regular blood tests and that was it.
I'm still super sick and tired. Everything is still looking really good.


Alana said...

Why is your eye site getting worse? Will it go back to normal after the baby? The things that happen when you're pregnant... my friends hair went from blond to (4 children later) black!
I'm so excited for the two of you! You're going to be an awesome mommy! You've had enough experience now it's your turn!

Mama Smith said...

YEA!!!! I will put your baby's due date on my CALENDAR!!!! (smile)

Marvin and Brenda Henry said...

Alana... we have our wonderful hormones to thank for all those changes. Dr. said it will get worse and not to get a new prescription until 6-12 months after the baby is born. It's all worth it. Heavenly Father made no mistake when creating us. It's all a part of this great adventure... pregnancy! =)