Thursday, September 17, 2009

20 weeks and 5 days... OB appointment.

I went to the OB this morning. Baby is doing great (so am I)! My blood sugar is excellent. They can't get over how well I'm doing. I asked about the baby's weight, and Dr. said it's perfect! I worry that it might get too big because of GD, but as long as my sugar levels stay they way they are... there should be no problems. I lost another pound (9 pounds down from where I started). I thought I had gained at least 5 pounds, but it's just the baby pushing my tummy out. My bellybutton is getting closer to the edge. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday at 8am. Hopefully they can get the measurements they couldn't get the last time... and confirmation that it's for sure a boy. If not it'll be great to see the baby moving around again. Can't wait until Tuesday! =)

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