Saturday, October 15, 2011

Abigail is almost here!

I am not a very good person to keep the blog up to date. We are just a week away from welcoming our little girl to the world. My c-section is scheduled for October 25th, 2011. We are all ready for it! I have our bags packed and ready to go. I went to the doctor yesterday and Abby is doing great! She is weighing about 7 pounds and is super active. We had an ultrasound and a NST (nonstress test- where they monitor her heartbeat and movement for about 15 minutes) and an internal exam. The doctor said I am only 1 cm dialated, but I am 80% effaced (cervix thinned out). Yikes! So I am taking it easy. Trying not to walk around too much. A lot of mom's would start walking like crazy to get their baby out, but we want her to wait unitl the 25th. She is ready to come out! Very different from Shepherd. He was super high and did not want to come out. Abigail is super low and pushing against my cervix all day long. We know that whatever happens it will be fine. We are ready either way. Marvin is not very nervous. He is only nervous about the actual c-section and my recovery. But I recovered very quickly last time. I had a lot of pain, but nothing I can't handle. =) I haven't been as good about pictures this pregnancy, but I guess that happens with every parent when the 2nd child comes. We will try to take as many pictures as we can of Abigail and Shepherd. We like everything to be even. =) So we are about to become parents again. Can't wait to see what adventures will unfold. Stay tuned! I will try to keep this blog up to date.