Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marvin's First Year Anniversary Poem to me

I thought you might not persevere,
But married we’ve been for one whole year.
And so you would know I’m not distraught,
“I’ll get her something special,” I thought.
I thought there was nothing though, however,
That said how much I want forever,
To be the one that hadn’t thought,
A wedding gift I should have bought.
“I’ll make it right,” I contemplated,
“I’ll make her memory be transformated!”
“Something to make her not remember,
The mistake I made our first November.”
And thus I thought, and thought, and thought,
Until I felt so overwrought.
“I’ll get her a car,” it came to me
Shiny and clean, with a built-in TV.
Or a glamorous mansion, the kind she wants.
For breakfast in bed I’d bring her croissants.
Or a bracelet with rubies, and a pretty diamond necklace,
If all these I got, it wouldn’t be reckless.

And hence I scrambled, off to the store,
To buy all these things, and a whole lot more.
And I got lots of stuff and was ready to pay,
But the cash that I had would not go a long way.
So you can imagine my dismay and gloom.
When all I could buy was some cheap perfume.
And for you to even get that today,
I had to borrow your sister Renee.
I know it’s not a block of gold metal,
But this year l hope that you can just settle,
It’s small compared to very big thought,
Of the things I wanted and went out and sought.
I guess it’s good to always remember,
Each and every year in November,
It’s not the costs or dollar amount,
It is the thoughts that really count!

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