Monday, February 8, 2010

Shepherd well check

We had our well check this morning. Shepherd hasn't gained any weight. He didn't lose any either. The nurse lactation consultant had me stay and give him a feeding. After I was done they weighed him and he gained an ounce. So we have a new plan for feeding him. Instead of switching sides during a feeding I will feed only on one side for 40 minutes. Then switch sides on the next feeding. 4 times a day I will pump after his feeding for 10 minutes on each side. 1 time a day I will pump for 30 minutes to and hour. This will help my supply to increase so Shepherd can gain weight.
He is absolutely perfect in every other way. He is longer so his newborn clothes don't fit him anymore. The nurse remarked at how strong he is and that he will be an early roller. We had that feeling. She mentioned that is looks to her that he was born a couple weeks early. Maybe my dates were off. That is probably why he is such a sleepy baby. So whenever I nurse him I need a wet clothe to wipe his head with to help him wake up and eat.
His circumcision is perfect.
We have to go back on Friday to check his weight. I know we'll have the hang of it by then.
We love this little guy so much! =)

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Luciana said...

Brenda!!!! I am soooo HAPPY, that's right! All capital letter so huge is my happiness, for you!!!! Congrats girl!!!! Your baby boy is adorable!!!!! I am so thankful I've met you and was able to learn from your example. You are awesome!!!!

I do miss you and all the fun things we used to do back in Orlando. I was there last week and all the memories came rushing back... Those were good days!

I am going to be in Atlanta next month and was hopping you don't live too far from there... Do you? I would so love to see you while I am in Atlanta. I will fly in on April 22 and will stay until April 27. Let me know if we can get together. I would love to hug you and hold your sweet bundle of joy!

Love you girl!

Luciana Sales