Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kicking! Felt on the outside!

I've been feeling fluttering and movements inside of me since week 14. They were sporadic and not too strong. Lately I feel him moving inside of me more and more. This morning, after I ate breakfast, I leaned back to stretch my back a little and I felt 4 kicks on the outside. They were all in a row, I think he was repositioning himself. I wish Marvin was here so he could finally feel what I've been feeling. I know this is just the beginning and Shepherd will soon be kicking and shoving me all the time. I hope it remains this cute. =) It's all about your perspective... think positive. =) Woo Hoo!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

22 weeks! Wow!

I can't believe we only have 4 1/2 more months left. My friend Kaytee said, "it goes really fast from here." She wasn't kidding. Now that we know we are having a boy, we registered for baby things. I want to buy everything myself, but Renee keeps telling me to wait until I have my shower. Everything is so cute, it's hard to resist. I will be strong! =)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

It's a boy! Sonogram Photos...

It's a boy... You can see his boy parts (arrow is pointing at it) and his leg is folded up next to it. We didn't think we would get any shots of him, but right before we finished he showed us his stuff. =)

This is a 4-D shot she did to help see the face details better. It was clearer on the live screen, but you can see his face looking at us. He's on the right side. I like the other pictures better. This was hard for me to see.
Here is his little face. His forehead is on the left and his chin is on the right. You can see the shape of his nose and eyes. His right arm is tucked up under his face. So cute!

Another face shot... I think. I'm no expert. His head is on the left and his tummy on the right.

He is a very active little boy. Everyday I feel him more and more. I can't wait to see him in January! =)

Need name suggestions...

I've been thinking about the name... Shepherd Lee Henry. My Dad's Mom thought it was a little strange. It might be a little too much. Renee helped me remember what a pain it was to spell our last name and how much it does sound like a dogs name or a confederate soldier's name. So we are now considering different names. We are taking any and all suggestions... I would love to get some ideas from you all. Email me or leave it in the comment section. =)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

We are so excited to welcome our son on January 30th, 2010. We had our ultrasound this morning and the tech showed us about 4 different angles of the "boy parts" so she was very sure. The baby is doing really well and the tech and I felt a few nice hard kicks.
Marvin is excited. He didn't want to get his hopes up before, but now he's daydreaming of all the things he can do with his son. Working on cars, fishing, going to the auto parts store, helping him prepare for his mission. We would have loved a girl (especially me) but we are so happy our son is healthy and very... very active. We have four pictures from the ultrasound. I'll post them later.
His name will be Shepherd Lee Henry. Renee doesn't like it. But that's ok, we know not everyone will like our choice. "Shepherd" is my maiden name, a tribute to my Dad, and "Lee" is after the many relatives on both sides with the middle name Lee (including me and Marvin).
I better go. I can register for boy things now at Target and Baby's r us. =) Woo Hoo!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

20 weeks and 5 days... OB appointment.

I went to the OB this morning. Baby is doing great (so am I)! My blood sugar is excellent. They can't get over how well I'm doing. I asked about the baby's weight, and Dr. said it's perfect! I worry that it might get too big because of GD, but as long as my sugar levels stay they way they are... there should be no problems. I lost another pound (9 pounds down from where I started). I thought I had gained at least 5 pounds, but it's just the baby pushing my tummy out. My bellybutton is getting closer to the edge. I have another ultrasound on Tuesday at 8am. Hopefully they can get the measurements they couldn't get the last time... and confirmation that it's for sure a boy. If not it'll be great to see the baby moving around again. Can't wait until Tuesday! =)

Monday, September 14, 2009

After our sealing! Suprise baby shower and Temple photos!

My parents and sister, Renee, threw us a lovely surprise shower after our sealing. We had no clue! It was so nice to see everyone!!!! =)

My Eternal Companion!

Abe and Jeff were special helpers that day. Marvin looks sleepy... Wake up!

Kari came down from Georgia to be there for our sealing.

Abe, Jenny (she came up from Bradenton, FL), Marvin, Me, Annie, and Justin.

I really didn't want to take too many pictures because I felt so blah, but Justin and Annie really encouraged me to take them. They even scouted locations. I'm so grateful they did! I had another really good friend (Dyanne) tell me to take tons of pictures.... not matter how bad you think you look. These are precious memories of our first full term pregnancy. I love you guys!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

20 weeks... Woo Hoo!

The baby's little hand.
Not sure what this is. The Tech didn't label it. =)

The baby's foot.

Profile of the baby. Head's on the right.

20 weeks today! Had our ultrasound yesterday. My Mom started crying the second she saw her first grandbaby. Baby is super cute and very active (I was so excited to see him moving and grooving. I guess I have been feeling the baby all this time)... we still don't know what it is. He wouldn't stay still long enough for the tech to see. She did say it looks like a boy (and she had another tech come in and give her opinion), but she couldn't say 100%. I have a OB appointment on Thursday. I'll find out if I can have another ultrasound soon. So maybe we will be welcoming our first son? Stay tuned! =)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gestational Diabetes...

I guess it's time to come clean. I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes. I had to take my 1 hour glucose test early, because I have PCOS. I failed it by 1 point. Argh! So I had to take the 3 hour glucose test. I failed it by 1 point. Double Argh! I'm glad they tested me early. If they would have waited until 28 weeks I might have already had a 8 pound baby. I have been testing my blood 4 times a day for about 5 weeks. It's been going really, really well. My numbers are perfect. The nurse said I might have been misdiagnosed, but we'd rather play it safe.
Every doctor visit I bring in my chart and food diary. The doctor is very impressed with how well I've been doing. It's really helped me watch what I'm eating and keep my weight gain under control. So far I have lost 8 pounds, we'll see if anything has changed at my next appointment on the 17th. I don't want a 12 pound baby, so I will do whatever it takes to stay healthy. I also want it to go away after the baby is born, which it should.
How did it happen? The nurse explained it to me, but I found a good definition on webmd...
"Gestational diabetes is the result of some changes that occur in all women during pregnancy. Increased levels of certain hormones (including cortisol, estrogen, and human placental lactogen) interfere with the ability of insulin to manage blood sugar. This condition is called "insulin resistance." Usually your pancreas (the organ that produces insulin) is able to compensate for this insulin resistance by increasing insulin production (to about three times the normal amount). If your pancreas cannot sufficiently increase insulin production to overcome the effect of the increased hormones, your blood sugar levels will rise — that means you have gestational diabetes."
I'm not depressed or bummed. I like a challenge. I like impressing the doctor with my excellent numbers. I like keeping track of everything that I'm eating. So far everything is going perfectly. I really don't want to have to take insulin shots (it's hard enough pricking my finger 4xs a day) and I don't want to have to take medicine. I have faith that I can continue to keep this under control with diet and exercise. I can still have a sweet treat once in a while, I just have to eat things balanced and in moderation (which is what we all should be doing). I didn't tell many people until now, because I was a little embarrassed to find out so early. But like I said before I'm glad they found out early, I don't want a 12 pound baby. =) If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me. I have learned a lot! If any of you have had to deal with this or know someone that has... I'd love to share.
Tomorrow is the big day! We will find out what we're having!!!!! =)

Monday, September 7, 2009

19 weeks and 2 days!

Marvin and I spent a wonderful weekend in Florida. We went to the Temple and were sealed as husband and wife for time and all eternity. What a great blessing to receive before the baby is born. We had several good friends there to celebrate with us... Abe, Jeff, Kari, JoAnn, Bishop Jackson and his wife, Jenny, Annie, and Justin. It was awesome!
After the sealing I went maternity clothes shopping with my sister Renee and my good friend Kari (who came all the way from Georgia to be there for us). We were supposed to meet my parents at a restaurant for lunch. Marvin had invited those that came to our sealing too. Anyway... we walk in the restaurant and I heard a bunch of people yell "SURPRISE!" I realized that my Mom and sister had planned a surprise baby shower for me and Marvin. I looked at my sister and Kari and my eyes welled up with tears. I was so shocked! I really had no clue. Marvin came a little bit after that and our friends and family got to yell surprise again. A lot of my Florida friends and family were there. It was so nice to be able to party with them, since they won't be able to come up here for my Georgia baby shower. What a wonderful day!
I'm feeling good. We just got home from Florida. My left foot is swollen from the drive and from doing a lot this weekend. But it was all worth it. My Mom and Dad are driving up on Friday. They are making a special trip to be here for the big sonogram. Of course we will tell the world how it goes.
It feels great to know I will be with Marvin and our children forever! =)