Wednesday, January 20, 2010

38 weeks and 4 day appointment

Just got home from my OB appointment. I haven't changed at all. That's to be expected with a first baby. I asked the OB if he would have to induce me before my due date. He said yes. My next OB appointment is next Wednesday and he will decide then if I will go in to be induced on Thursday or Friday morning. That is unless I go into labor between now and then??? I don't think I will. My body is perfectly happy keeping him in for 8 or 9 more days. I think Shepherd is happy too. He is already a Mommy's boy. Until he gets older then he'll be Daddy's helper. The OB said, after my exam, that "we have a good size baby here." Yikes! Maybe he will tip the scales at 9 pounds? We'll see... Anyone have a guess?
I asked the OB if I need to continue checking my blood sugar after baby is born. He said I've done so well the whole pregnancy that it should go away right after the baby is born. He said they will probably give me another glucose check 12 weeks postpartum to make sure it's all gone. If I continue with this diet I will have good milk for Shepherd and good health for me. =) I like that! =)

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