Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trip to the hospital

We went for a little trip to the hospital this morning. I woke up not feeling Shepherd moving around like he usually does. I ate some yogurt, laid on my side, and counted kicks. After an hour I had only counted 3. So we called the doctor (why does this always happen on a Sunday morning) and she said I'm probably fine, but come in and let's check anyway. So we were excited to have trial run to the hospital. Marvin stood there and said, "What do I do? What do I put on?' He is so cute. I kept telling him this probably isn't the real thing, I'm not feeling enough real contractions.... just braxton hicks. Just in case we brought the rest of our hospital bags and left them in the car. I love being prepared. We got into the triage room in the maternity ward. They hooked me up to the heart monitor and contraction monitor. Of course... Shepherd is moving around like a maniac by then. My blood pressure was perfect and my pulse. I felt so dumb for coming in and wasting everyone's time. The nurses were super sweet telling me it's better to be safe then sorry. We were there about 3 hours. I was so uncomfortable not being able to move around. My braxton hicks were getting stronger. My OB came in and checked out the monitor and said everything is fine and we could go home. She said we'll just see each other at my regular Wednesday appointment.
When we got home my back was on fire and I was aching from the braxton hicks. I could not imagine sitting at church for 3 hours. I would have been miserable. So Marvin and I stayed home and he's taking great care of me. We watched some conference talks and I took a long nap. Shepherd is getting too big for the space in my body... hopefully he will come out soon. =)
I asked the OB if we could be induced this Friday. I'm super worried about him being too big for me to push out. She said the soonest they could induce me would be Monday. But there is an increased risk for a c-section. As long as we are ok with that? Marvin doesn't want to do that. I think we are just going to wait it out. But if Shepherd doesn't come soon they will have to induce me on the 29th. They won't let me go over my due date.
Oh the drama! I feel better after my long nap. I'm still aching with braxton hicks, but now I can sit on my exercise ball and walk around to relieve the pain.
Only 13 more days! =)

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Moghimi Family said...

Your almost there! Soon you will kiss his sweet face, and wrap your arms around his little body! Your gonna be the best mommy! I can't wait to meet the little guy!!!