Friday, January 15, 2010

38 weeks!

Here is our 38 week photo. We are praying hard that Shepherd will come early. He might be 8 pounds right now and I am scared of him growing for 2 more weeks.... AH! He might be a 9 pounder! We know that the Lord has His hand in all things and we will be happy with His will.
It doesn't hurt to pray for an early delivery. We would like Shepherd to come on the 22nd. That way my Mom can stay a few extra days to help us. Otherwise we will probably be induced on the 29th. They won't let us go past the due date (30th). I've been having braxton hicks. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they were pretty strong. Yesterday and today I have only felt really weak ones. I'm sitting on my exercise ball alot to help my body prepare for labor and I am walking on the treadmill to help Shepherd get further down in my pelvis.
I am not scared of labor. I am very excited. I am ready for the pain, because we will receive the best reward ever... Shepherd Lee Henry. =)

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