Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We are having a baby!

Just got home from my last OB appointment. It was wonderful! I have the best doctors. Shepherd is nice and low. My cervix is still facing the wrong way, but it is softening and he could feel the baby's head on the other side. So my OB was very happy about that. He scheduled me to check in the hospital tomorrow evening (Thursday) at 6pm. He will start me on cervidil and let that sit overnight. At 6am Friday morning he will start me on pitocin. He said the cervidil might start the contractions too. We'll have to see how my body reacts to it. We will have our laptop with us so we will keep our blog up to date.
Also, I have lost 9 pounds total from my pre-pregnancy weight. Can't wait to see how much I lose after he is born and we start nursing.=)
My Mom is driving up here tomorrow and she will be here around 1pm. I am so glad she will be a part of this with Marvin and I.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

39 weeks!

Here is the whole Henry family at 39 weeks. Only 5 or 6 more days until Shepherd arrives. We will keep everyone posted when we are at the hospital! Ah!!!!!! We are beyond excited!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

38 weeks and 4 day appointment

Just got home from my OB appointment. I haven't changed at all. That's to be expected with a first baby. I asked the OB if he would have to induce me before my due date. He said yes. My next OB appointment is next Wednesday and he will decide then if I will go in to be induced on Thursday or Friday morning. That is unless I go into labor between now and then??? I don't think I will. My body is perfectly happy keeping him in for 8 or 9 more days. I think Shepherd is happy too. He is already a Mommy's boy. Until he gets older then he'll be Daddy's helper. The OB said, after my exam, that "we have a good size baby here." Yikes! Maybe he will tip the scales at 9 pounds? We'll see... Anyone have a guess?
I asked the OB if I need to continue checking my blood sugar after baby is born. He said I've done so well the whole pregnancy that it should go away right after the baby is born. He said they will probably give me another glucose check 12 weeks postpartum to make sure it's all gone. If I continue with this diet I will have good milk for Shepherd and good health for me. =) I like that! =)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Trip to the hospital

We went for a little trip to the hospital this morning. I woke up not feeling Shepherd moving around like he usually does. I ate some yogurt, laid on my side, and counted kicks. After an hour I had only counted 3. So we called the doctor (why does this always happen on a Sunday morning) and she said I'm probably fine, but come in and let's check anyway. So we were excited to have trial run to the hospital. Marvin stood there and said, "What do I do? What do I put on?' He is so cute. I kept telling him this probably isn't the real thing, I'm not feeling enough real contractions.... just braxton hicks. Just in case we brought the rest of our hospital bags and left them in the car. I love being prepared. We got into the triage room in the maternity ward. They hooked me up to the heart monitor and contraction monitor. Of course... Shepherd is moving around like a maniac by then. My blood pressure was perfect and my pulse. I felt so dumb for coming in and wasting everyone's time. The nurses were super sweet telling me it's better to be safe then sorry. We were there about 3 hours. I was so uncomfortable not being able to move around. My braxton hicks were getting stronger. My OB came in and checked out the monitor and said everything is fine and we could go home. She said we'll just see each other at my regular Wednesday appointment.
When we got home my back was on fire and I was aching from the braxton hicks. I could not imagine sitting at church for 3 hours. I would have been miserable. So Marvin and I stayed home and he's taking great care of me. We watched some conference talks and I took a long nap. Shepherd is getting too big for the space in my body... hopefully he will come out soon. =)
I asked the OB if we could be induced this Friday. I'm super worried about him being too big for me to push out. She said the soonest they could induce me would be Monday. But there is an increased risk for a c-section. As long as we are ok with that? Marvin doesn't want to do that. I think we are just going to wait it out. But if Shepherd doesn't come soon they will have to induce me on the 29th. They won't let me go over my due date.
Oh the drama! I feel better after my long nap. I'm still aching with braxton hicks, but now I can sit on my exercise ball and walk around to relieve the pain.
Only 13 more days! =)

Friday, January 15, 2010

38 weeks!

Here is our 38 week photo. We are praying hard that Shepherd will come early. He might be 8 pounds right now and I am scared of him growing for 2 more weeks.... AH! He might be a 9 pounder! We know that the Lord has His hand in all things and we will be happy with His will.
It doesn't hurt to pray for an early delivery. We would like Shepherd to come on the 22nd. That way my Mom can stay a few extra days to help us. Otherwise we will probably be induced on the 29th. They won't let us go past the due date (30th). I've been having braxton hicks. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday they were pretty strong. Yesterday and today I have only felt really weak ones. I'm sitting on my exercise ball alot to help my body prepare for labor and I am walking on the treadmill to help Shepherd get further down in my pelvis.
I am not scared of labor. I am very excited. I am ready for the pain, because we will receive the best reward ever... Shepherd Lee Henry. =)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

37 weeks and 4 days

We had a great OB appointment today. Shepherd is wonderful! He's still kicking and poking me all the time. I'm still feeling aching and crampy, but I don't mind! =) My cervix is in a good position. I'm still dilated to 1 and baby's head is pushing down into the birth canal. Hopefully, this next week I will dilate more. My blood sugar levels are perfect.
My Mom really wants us to have Shepherd on the 22nd that way she spend a few more days with us. That's what we are praying for. =) We can't wait for the big day!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Last Ultrasound Pictures

Here's our little man! Well he's not so little anymore. Julie, the ultrasound tech, said he is measuring 7 pounds 1 ounce. Wow! I wonder if they will have to induce me early? I'll find out today at my OB appointment
. Look at his chubby little cheeks and his sweet little nose. He is so cute! =)

He wouldn't take his hand off of his face. In this one it's his profile and he has his hand right over his face. Look how long his fingers are! Just like his Aunt Renee.
This one is kind of hard to make out. It's his profile and he has that hand in his face again. But you can see his chubby cheeks and his small double chin.

We are so grateful for all the time and attention the doctors have given us. We have had 9 ultrasounds. 7 of them were given by the same wonderful lady, Julie. She has been so kind, patient, and gentle during every exam. We will miss seeing her once a month, but we know we will stay in contact with her.
Thank you Julie! =)

Friday, January 1, 2010

36 weeks (tomorrow)

I can't believe it! We only have 29 days until Shepherd's due date. I think he dropped a little. I feel him a lot lower now. I don't' think he has totally dropped, but he's working his way down the correct pathway. =) I'm feeling great. He is moving a lot still and he has the hiccups a couple times a day. So cute! I love this little baby so much. I am looking forward to our last ultrasound on Monday. Hopefully, the tech can get a good look at his little face.
Happy New Year! =)